You Can’t Create Effective Game Theory Strategies Without Facts

What The World Needs Now, Is Facts Sweet Facts

The blessing of information science and big data

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A fact is an occurrence in the real world. The usual test for a statement of fact is verifiability — that is whether it can be demonstrated to correspond to experience. Most conspiracy theories and fake news cannot pass this test. What we need more than ever are facts, and how to tell what they are, when we are overwhelmed by lies passed off as facts.

One of the ways we can connect to others in a positive way is to know some facts that others want to know or something about them that they might wish to share. This might include religion, culture, ethnicity, etc. People feel connected when we know something about their lives or have something to improve their lives. Having access to information is an effective way to create this type of rapport. Essentially, we prosper through InformationIf we are going to be effective, then we need to develop a system for gathering information. If we want to become economically independent, we will also need a system for organizing, packaging, and marketing information.All information will have some value to someone, somewhere. The test of the information one is seeking is quite basic. Can it be applied in such a manner as to achieve the desired result? This is the guideline for any endeavor, whether it is a profession, skill, or activity. No matter how well-developed one’s knowledge is and how many hours have been dedicated to a particular area of study, the ability to apply that knowledge is the defining factor. If the knowledge cannot be applied then it cannot create results and isolate solutions.Once you become a skilled critical thinker, and fact gatherer you can then apply what you know to prosper in many ways.

To be effective in organizing the information we must explore what information is available. Then we must collect it, store it, and then separate what seems valuable from the useless and what seems true from the false. If we have a specific goal or vision to fulfill, we can regularly explore the data we have in storage using what is needed and storing the rest for future use. When this is done systematically, we can use specific information to create psychological clarity, conservation and balance, and other important tools for making effective choices. Information can often be leveraged against many other resources. Knowledge is power — the more effective we are at gathering essential information and trading it for other key resources such as time, space, and influence, etc. the more power we have access to. If we lack the necessary skills to gather and leverage the information we can hire someone who has those skills and delegate this to others if necessary. The inability or unwillingness to develop information-gathering skills is the cause of a multitude of personal and social obstacles. Life is largely trial and error. The greater our level of knowledge, the greater our chances of success; and also the reduced chance of risk.If you can’t think as a successful person might, then you will struggle unnecessarily.
Of course with all things, there is a “dark side” and information science is no exception.


The Takeaway: Information, both accurate and inaccurate is spreading quicker than ever and is something we need to deal with. One of the benefits of technology is that we have access to more information than ever before. The dark side of this is that much of this information is unintentionally incorrect, or specifically designed to manipulate and mislead us. We live in a society ever more dependent on information that is designed more than ever to feed off of disinformation. For the skilled critical thinker, success begins with small steps. Below Amardeep Parmar offers 20 realistic micro-habits for your best life.

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