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The Ask Lewis Team offers Advanced Personalized, and customized Courses on Lifehacking, Crisis Management, Strategic Thinking, Troubleshooting, the World of the “Fixer, and How to Win the Game of Life…
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If you have an interest in becoming more efficient, effective, precise, productive, and self-aware, explore our Master Classes, courses, and personalized/customized coaching program – “Applied Game Theory A-Z and Beyond”.

Watch Lewis Harrison the creator of this Course on Applied Game Theory A-Z and Beyond… as he is interviewed by master strategist and leadership guru Jim Selman


What makes the “Applied Game Theory…A-Z and Beyond”  program so unique?

It is based on game theory and gamer thinking. I have learned that it is virtually impossible to figure out how to win the game of life without gathering essential information and by receiving skilled and consistent coaching. A skilled coach can guide us upward and forward, and keep us balanced as we soar higher and higher.






The AskLewis team has interviewed and gone into the private files and archives of some of the greatest investors, lifehackers, crisis managers, strategic thinkers, troubleshooters, and efficiency and self-sufficiency experts from around the world. Many of our experts are from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. From these experts, we learned about juggaar and urawaza.




Juggaar or jugaar is a Hindi word describing any innovative fix, methodology, or simple work-around. Those who have mastered juggaar are master game-based thinkers who know how to find the resources and solutions to virtually any problem or obstacle.

In Japan, everyone knows about urawaza (裏技) – a secret trick or some quirkyingenious technique that optimizes an everyday activity like cleaning up spillspreventing odors, or folding laundry. In Japan, urawaza have been shared by word of mouth and passed down to descendants for centuries.

Both juggaar and urawaza are greatly respected skills for they signify creativity: to make existing things work, or to create new things with meager resources. This is, of course, the essence of lifehacking.





It doesn’t matter what country you live in or whether you are based in a small city apartment or on a farm. This course will help you slash your expenses, increase your income, and offer you hard to find budgeting and investing tips.

Yes, some of the ideas offered in the course involve out-of-the-box frugal thinking and will feed your mild eccentricities. Yet the thousands of tips, tools, techniques, and strategies in this course will help you in solving challenges, problems, and obstacles of every type.

If you are a critical thinker who loves the psychology of competition, games, sports, and puzzles; has, a passion for excellence, and is seeking new ways to improve your efficiency, effectiveness, precision, productivity, and self-awareness, then I want to introduce you to the world of Applied Game Theory.



Often, solving puzzles, creating and sustaining wealth, and competing in the game of life is not an easy process. Would you agree that to do well in any activity, we require certain skills, tools, and strategies?

For those of us who know what is needed to win the game of life, there is an intuitive understanding that coaching, combined with the essential tips, techniques, strategies, and tools, will help us to measurably achieve our goals.






This Course/Coaching program is dedicated to providing you with educational blogs, videos, personalized courses, and results-oriented life coaching so you can be more productive and content. By having the knowledge of gamer-thinking, and lifehacks, it is that much easier to achieve financial success, and successfully address challenges, obstacles, problems, and the competitive aspects of life we will be presented with.

It is our mission here to show you everything you need to know for applying game theory to your daily life.

The course is designed in a simple and easy to follow format. Here you will have the ability to get access to a checklist of essential information needed for anyone seeking to become a skilled problem-solver.

Among the subjects, you will be exploring in the curriculum are:

  • Wealthhacks
  • The Butterfly Effect,
  • Mastering the Matrix
  • Cognitive Bias
  • Logical Fallacy
  • Pattern Language
  • Unintended Consequences
  • Reducing Collateral Damage
  • Tipping Points
  • Backward Induction
  • Predictions and Probabilities
  • Outsmarting Murphy’s Law
  • Pareto’s Law
  • Winning through Collaboration
  • Brainstorming through Bodystorming
  • Decoding non-verbal cues
  • Game Theory and the Irrational Adversary…and much more.






The course offers regular content-rich lesson/modules, blogs, and vlogs, that explains in simple terms the basic elements of lifehacking and applied game theory.





This program which you complete at your own pace consists of…

  • 41 lesson modules that you can explore at your own pace.
  • 3 weekly one-hour coaching sessions where you will be able to address questions, challenges, and whatever special needs you develop in the process of becoming a skilled applied game-theorist, and lifehacker.
  • Receive practical exercises and quizzes to further educate, entertain, motivate, and inspire you.

This course is designed to teach anyone, from nine to ninety, how to use the basic applied game theory principles in daily life.






What is your next step…?

There 3 three requirements to be accepted into the course:

  • You must be committed to a life of greater financial freedom, emotional balance, personal growth, and meaning.
  • You will need to invest one payment of $997 or two payments of $550  for tuition.
  • You must schedule and complete an interview with the AskLewis Team.

If you are ready to make this commitment. and can meet the three requirements email me…


LewisCoaches@ gmail.com 

…and we can schedule a 45-minute interview. Contact me now with a time you are available and your phone number! We can do it on Zoom. I will confirm and call you at that time.  (Yes, we are actually this personal and low tech. We only work with 10 students at a time).


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There are other low-cost options available from AskLewis-Game Theory, that will not require as much intellectual heavy lifting, pulling, and pushing.



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Let’s say this program is not a good fit for you at this time, yet you are committed to getting out of the financial labyrinth you are stuck in?





If you are really hungry to take the next step but simply can’t afford it than you may want to explore creative and innovative ideas related to building a business with a  zero start-up cost. This can be done using gamer-thinking to build an online, digital marketing, or affiliate marketing business. We also have opportunities for low-cost training for under $50. a month.

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What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. This process is usually accomplished through a number of pathways including  Search Engine Optimization, usually referred to as SEO.
One more thing to know, Affiliate Marketing is not an MLM based – Multi-level marketing business. It is actually a cutting edge business model that harnesses the power of the internet to help even internet newbies to achieve financial freedom. Amazon.com uses the model, as do Expedia, most of the high-end hotel chains, and most of the major yoga schools.  I’ve been working with this business model for some time now, and it has changed my life.   A
Many of the students in the Course on Applied Game Theory A-Z and Beyond… have expanded their studies into Affiliate Marketing through CBU.


If you are at a crossroads in your career let me tell you more about ClickBank. ClickBank  is a privately held online affiliate marketing program that was founded in 1998. The company has more than six-million clients worldwide including yours truly. It is now the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America. As of 2014, ClickBank had more than six-million clients, distributed in 190 countries and had a presence across a wide variety of lifestyle categories handling approximately 30,000 transactions daily. This number has obviously expanded rapidly from then to now.

ClickBank works in much the way that most e-commerce platforms for digital goods and services work. They bring affiliate marketers, together with educational and other digital content creators (also known as vendors). The affiliate marketers then promote these products and services to consumers, through various means. ClickBank offers enormous support to members of their affiliate network assisting vendors in building visibility and revenue-generating opportunities. In the last few years, ClickBank decided to create a teaching and learning platform to help those interested in succeeding in the world of affiliate marketing, and to help existing affiliates grow their businesses. Let me help you get started in the Affiliate Marketing business. It is completely free, and I will not make a single penny by doing this. It’s just a “pay it forward”, a way of giving back, as others have generously given to me. Click right below to learn more…




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