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Are you struggling to get viewers to subscribe, or explore ideas and products you are sharing or promoting on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram?Are you trying to breakout of the complex labyrinth of SEO?





The reason why you are experiencing all this trouble is because you have not mastered the art and science of Video Thumbnails.


Video thumbnails are the book covers of the online video social networking and educational world – the cover photo that represents your video on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram


Believe it or not, creating video thumbnails that help make viewers go “CLICK” can be done fairly easily. All you need to do is get an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) driven Thumbnail Creation APP.


Sound complex and expensive? Au Contraire, Mon Frere. In other words, it is easy with the help of this simple app

Maybe you are new to creating online videos, and you are really looking to tap into the global economy, and aren’t sure where to begin

In that case let me tell YOU why Thumbnails are so important. Our decision whether to click on a video often comes down to its thumbnail: an eye-catching image draws us in, while a boring or blurry one puts us off. It is called a thumbnail because a small version of this graphic will show up in the recommended videos and other search areas of YouTube.

How are Thumbnails created? On the most basic level, a Thumbnail is created by YouTube with your assistance.  YouTube will automatically pick 3 frames from your video upload and let you choose one. But most creators make and upload their own to make sure it stands out and best represents what their video is about. Easy to read text on your thumbnail is crucial if you want to get people to click through to watch your video.



As insignificant as they may initially seem, it is never wise to overlook the importance of your video thumbnails. If you do you’ll be leaving lots of viewer engagement behind. This is not a good thing for the serious internet marketer.



Most creators say they spend just as much time on the thumbnail as the video itself. It is what draws people in, makes you stand out, and makes your videos easy to recognize in a crowed social networking list, with endless lifehacks at hand.



Do you really want to spend as much time on your video thumbnail as on your video? I assume not. So what path will lead you to the best solution? The key to success here is for you to find an easy to use Thumbnail Creation APP.



Now imagine how great it would be if there was a low cost, easy to use product that worked through Artificial Intelligence.




 Well there is!

Thumbnail Blaster, the only A.I. Thumbnail Creation APP. With the Thumbnail Blaster you can create attention-grabbing Thumbnails with just 3 clicks. Not only that, but the Thumbnail Blaster works with any video platform out there including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

With the Thumbnail Blaster you can attract more views while at the same time uniquely branding your video content.


Are you tired of being bombarded with high-end, hype-driven products and programs that claim to be able to dramatically increase your video clicks? Are you looking for a super-hero to get you to the next level?


Please watch this short video and learn how you can level up your video Thumbnail game, get more views, and boost your online conversions through the only A.I. driven Thumbnail Creation APP on the market today, offer Thousands of Shortcuts, Strategies, Hacks, Tips,



Here is the short 13-minute video that explains how the system works.


Much success in applying this revolutionary investing system. Let me know how you are doing. I am really interested in your success.




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