The Course in Holistic Applied Game Theory A-Z and Beyond…

Are you tired of struggling to be more effective, efficient, and productive?

Would you like to maximize your potential at the lowest possible cost?

Would you like to go beyond a life of surviving day to day and achieve prosperity and freedom?



If the answer to these question is yes that I invite to take the Course on Harrison’s Applied Game Theory A-Z and Beyond

What is  Holistic Applied Game Theory (HAGT)? HAGT (pronounced “hacked”) is an anagram for  Holistic or Harrison’s Applied Game Theory. HAGT  is an umbrella term for hundreds of game and gamer-based approaches to creating winning-strategies,  problem-solving, and self-awareness. It is based on an idea that has won numerous Noble Prizes.





The book that began it all



We have been playing games since we were in the sandbox. Now, much of what happens in our adult life can be framed as a type of game.



The fact is that in life.

  • We interact with other people (players)
  • We have careers, social interactions,  and personal lives (careers family friends are our game spaces).
  • We are often presented with challenges, problems, and obstacles that demand solutions,
  • There are acceptable and unacceptable ways of behaving and interacting with others (social intelligence, regulations, laws, and rules of engagement),
  • We often  systematically develop strategies and tactics for addressing these challenges, problems, and obstacles (collaborating with teammates, coaches, and mentors,
  • Through the application of these game-based strategies and tactics, we can become more (EEPPSA) efficient, effective, precise, productive, and self-aware.


In life, there are always new challenges for creative, and innovative thinkers. Many of these challenges involve learning how to embrace, the same types of thinking we used growing up in sorts, board games, solving puzzles, and playing video games. This applied gamer-thinking, gamer psychology, and formal game theory can be an essential tool to survive and prosper in an ever more complex and chaotic world.

In our present times, some students in economics classes may get a day or so of game theory, and a few colleges offer degrees in Esports. Still,  there is no course available anywhere in the world on how to apply game theory to winning the game of life until now.







In our course Holistic Applied Game Theory A-Z and Beyond…  you will learn to:

  • Meet a defined range of expectations.

  • Learn to predict what is likely to happen in a specific situation, even worst-case scenarios.

  • Pay attention to the outcome of an event.

  • Do what needs to be done to achieve a specific result.

  • Measure effectiveness, efficiency, precision, productivity, and rational decision-making,

  • Formulate expectations and check whether they are met,

  • Use video-gaming skills in the real world




Some of the tools you will be given to measure your success in gamer psychology and game-based strategies will include:

  • How to use checklists,
  • Multiple Intelligences,
  • Critical Thinking and Rationality,
  • Separating facts from fake information,
  • The 24 Core Resources including time, space, power, influence, and bartering to improve your position,
  • How to gather data to improve decision-making,
  • Expand your skill sets,
  • Master collaborative intelligence,
  • Use OPM (Other People’s Money) to prosper,
  • How to lead and delegate,
  • How to listen to directives and complete them accurately,
  • How to use attitude, appearance, and personality as a strategy,
  • How to think creatively and effectively,
  • How to deal with irrational adversaries,
  • Isolate and systemically eliminate factors of failure,
  • Isolate critical success factors,
  • Increase the probability of success,
  • An essential aspect of this course is the use of films and videos to teach core strategies within game theory including,
  • Prisoner’s Dilemma,
  • Diner’s Dilemma,
  • The Traveling Salesman Problem,
  • The Chicken Game,
  • The Monte Hall Problem,
  • Nash Equilibrium
  • Mixed strategies,
  • Cost-benefit analysis,
  • Risk-benefit analysis and more

Effective Risk Analysis skills can transform your life




How important is game theory in our world? Researchers exploring the application of game theory have won over a dozen Noble Prizes!




One of the defining principles of this course in HAGT is Actualized intention – a conscious, spiritually driven strategic principle that states, “the moment I am ready, willing and able to act on my intention, all manner of unforeseen events, and circumstances – ‘an invisible hand’ – comes into play, spontaneously, without discipline or willpower to bring to the fore an extraordinary process of love compassion, empathy, in the service of bringing one’s vision to fruition.”

In conclusion, I want you to know in no uncertain terms, that ignoring applied game theory, or living in the illusion that you can important life-changing decisions with applying these ideas is a huge mistake in judgment.

Without gamer-thinking, one is likely to be confronted with higher levels of powerlessness in a world increasingly defined by smart devices, thousands of apps, and competition.



The Personalized,  and Comprehensive Course in Holistic Applied Game Theory…


Level  #1  –  30 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • 10 Holistic Applied Game Theory e-lessons
  • 4,  20-minute coaching sessions by phone between 9:00 am -9:00 pm
  • No monthly contract required

$197 – Prepaid (No Refunds)



Level  #2  – 45 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • 30 Applied Game Theory e-lessons
  • 9,  45-minute mentoring sessions by phone between 9:00 am -9:00 pm
  • No monthly contract required

$397 – Prepaid (No Refunds)



Level  #3  – 60 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • 45 Applied Game Theory e-lessons
  • 3 weekly,  45-minute mentoring sessions by phone or Zoom between 9:00 am -9:00 pm
  • Copies of any two  Lewis’ International Best Selling Self-Improvement EBooks
  • No monthly contract required

$697 – Prepaid (No Refunds)



Level  #4  – 90 Day Cycle

This Includes:

  • 75  Applied Game Theory e-lessons
  • 3 weekly,  45-minute mentoring sessions by phone or Zoom between 9:00 am -9:00 pm
  • Copies of any three  Lewis’ International Best Selling Self-Improvement EBooks
  • No monthly contract required

$997 – Prepaid (No Refunds)



Level  #5  – 12 Month  Cycle

This Includes:

  • Over 300 Applied Game Theory e-lessons
  •  and videos
  • Unlimited Phone Coaching with Lewis Harrison 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • No monthly contract required

$10,000 – Prepaid (No Refunds)



Come with an open heart and an open mind and together we can explore the very limits of human potential.


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