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This website is dedicated to the study, exploration, teaching, and application of Applied Game Theory and gamer psychology in its many forms.

Don’t be scared off by the word “Theory”.  Applied game theory is a simple and easy system to learn and to use. It is one of the most important systems for making the most efficient, effective, precise, productive, and self-aware choices.

What is game theory? The easiest way to define game theory is a way purpose of it was to address situations where two or more parties (called agents or players) make a choice between two or more alternative situations/strategies. As you can see game theory can be an invaluable tool for winning in fantasy football, sports betting, making predictions, or learning how to become wealthy through investing. I have known many a typical gamer who can master pro gamer by applying game theory and gamer psychology.

Putting my approach to game theory, HAGT – Harrison’s Applied Game theory is so simple to use that a small child can learn it quickly and intuitively.

Of course, people have been applying gamer psychology since prehistoric times, both in tribal behavior, through reciprocal altruism, and in competition in all forms.



So, when was game theory created or codified? What are the origins of classical game theory? This way of observing what we now refer to as behavioral economics was organized as an important concept in back in the1942, though the application of the concept goes back to prehistoric times.  Another way to define game theory is the study of human conflict and cooperation within a competitive situation. Classic game theory was first introduced by John von Neumann (mathematician) and Oskar Morgenstern (economist) in their 1944 book The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior. This system has won over a dozen Noble Prizes for problem-solving researchers over the last five decades and continues to do so.

The question is how can a person apply game theory to survive and prosper in daily life or even change their life for the better?



I have used Applied Game Theory to fine-tune how I run my life, on a daily basis for over thirty years.  I actually created this website to give you and others the same opportunities I have had for achieving wealth, success, freedom, and the chance to serve others as a philanthropist.




This website is organized to offer you entertainment, tips, techniques, strategies, and some free and (some for a fee) tools to use applied game theory to take you to the next level.

If you are new to the concept of game theory and gamer-thinking let me tell you a bit about the history of game theory and how I took it out of the prison of academia into real-world applications. Keep in mind it is so easy to understand that even a child gets it pretty quickly.



If you are a beginner here, the important thing to know is that there are two main branches of game theory:  win-win cooperative, and win-lose non-cooperative game theory. Win-lose non-cooperative game theory deals largely with how intelligent, rational individuals interact with one another in an effort to achieve their own goals, generally, within moral and ethical boundaries, without concern for the impact of their win upon other players.






My personal passion, and hopefully yours as well is exploring how game theory can be applied to more everyday situations. For example, you can explore taking on a regular job, starting your own business, becoming a sports bettor, or invest in stocks, commodities, or even in Fantasy Sports.




Your payoff, a game theory term, in this case, is a combination of the benefit you gain from how much money you make, and the loss incurred by the time/effort spent on engaging in the path to making that money.  The agents are other investors, players, agents, and or your competitors.  Your optimal strategy will depend on how tough each path to wealth is, how strong your competitors are, and the quality of the resources available to you. This is a fact in investing, in sports betting, and also in fantasy sports.





If you were to formalize the above problem by formally describing how each person is believed to act with numbers and equations, game theory can tell you what the optimal strategy is, or what is expected to happen when following a given strategy. In your everyday life, you probably solve an approximation of this problem without formalization or complex mathematics.





This is both the strength and weakness of classical game theory. It focuses on how rational individuals are likely to behave. Of course in the real world, humans are emotionally driven-irrational creatures. Much of game theory is limited in how it can address irrationality. In other words, playing chess with a dog makes more sense than trying to figure out what makes a human tick through classical game theory.




As both a student and teacher of magic, stage mentalism, strategic thinking, and hypnosis for over forty years, I came to the understanding that there are many areas of human interaction that the logic-based elements of game theory are insufficient to address.



The breakthrough for me was when I was able to meet and had long conversations with Dr. Harvey Slatin. Dr. Slatin was an American physicist and inventor and was the 23rd scientist recruited to work on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, New Mexico in 1942 where he worked on the isolation of plutonium. During his time at the Manhattan Project he often played poker with the pioneers of game theory including John von Neumann.  When I met him, he was already 94 years of age. Dr. Slatin was at that time the last surviving member of his Special Engineering Detachment (SED) relating to the Manhattan Project, where the Atom Bomb was developed. By coincidence, while researching the pioneers of game theory online I came across Dr. Slatin’s name. Later, when I and my wife moved to the small and isolated Hamlet of Stamford, NY it turned out Dr. Slatin lived there. I reached out to him and he befriended me. During the last three years of his life, Dr. Slatin generously mentored me on classic game theory as I created my practical philosophy, now called Harrison’s Applied Game Theory.  Much of my work is built on what I learned from him. Thank you  Dr. Slatin.

So now that you know my story, let’s focus on your needs. With advances in the gathering of data and the analysis of that data, it is now easier than ever to game the world. With the right attitude, the appropriate emotional state of mind, the right skills, the best mentoring, and an effective community of peers, applied game theory can be the perfect tool for analyzing strategies that deal with competitive situations. These are the situations where the outcome of our choices and actions depends critically on the actions of other participants. Whether you are a video-gamer, sports better, an aficionado of fantasy sports, a prepper, a Lifehacker, an entrepreneur, or an investor.





If you are looking to have greater success in your life, want greater financial freedom, and want to learn how to win the game of life than you have definitely come to the right place.

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