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Why is coaching and mentoring so important in HAGT (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory)?

To have a successful, and struggle-free life., and to be more effective, efficient, and self-aware it is essential that each of us has a life coach or mentor.

It is a fact that…

  • Kings and Queens have Ministers
  • Great leaders have ministers and cabinets
  • Great athletes have both trainers and coaches
  • Financial investors have special advisors
  • Artists have mentors
  • Corporate executives have advisors.


Many of us have a dream or vision that has never been fulfilled.

It might be connected to success, spirituality, wealth, relationship or career…But somehow it got lost along the way. We may need consistent motivation to bring a dream or vision to fruition.




This is a process where an individual helps others to experience maximum effectiveness and achieve peak performance. A mentor can assist a person with transitions in business life, personal life, as well as to guide them in specific process related to the creation of wealth, the exploration of spirituality, and in the process of self-actualization.




Anyone looking to get to the next step in life will seek out a coach. Anyone in the world who is a success in their chosen field or in a specific area of interest started out being mentored or coached. This is true for everyone on every level of greatness. We all need mentors and coaches to help us find the missing pieces.



Effective mentors and coaches are visionaries who help others to fulfill their dreams: The best wealth and success coaches are extraordinary individuals. They are quick thinking, passionate, and generous with a deep understanding of the long term consequences for certain types of choices.

 Effective mentors and coaches know how to:

  • Ask the right questions. 
  • Listen to the client and only speak and when it is best to speak.
  • Empathize with your conflicts while maintaining professional and effective boundaries.
  • Refer you to another professional with more appropriate skills if necessary.
  • Use strong critical thinking skills and are consciously respectful of your own religious and faith-based beliefs, age, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and abilities.
  • Create a regular and consistent system for self-assessment.
  • Create a system for building a strong personal foundation. A process for determining what you really want.
  • Offer assistance in setting believable and achievable goals.
  • Support their clients and students in defining \values, beliefs, and personal style.
  • Structure guidelines for developing an active game plan for all current and long-term goals and dreams including enabling their clients to make more money – and keep it.
  • Use assessment skills for measuring the personal progress of their clients.
  • Structuring a time frame and mentoring agreement within which to help their clients act on your goals.




Before we move forward please ponder the following…

Would you want a pilot flying a plane you were a passenger on who was never coached?

Would you want to sit in a dental chair with a dentist who was never trained in dentistry?


It is only the most ordinary person, a person of limited vision, a person whose life is filled with unnecessary struggle and wants to keep it that way who believes he or she can achieve his or her goal and fulfill a vision without the services of a highly skilled mentor, advisor or coach – Someone one who has “been there and, done that!”



The most skilled mentor/coaches have a  passion for helping others to get back in touch with their authentic self and support them in taking the next step. This mentor/coach offers motivation, inspiration, information, influence, greater effectiveness, freedom, wealth, clarity, spiritual focus, better health, validation, networking resources, and expert advice. Mentoring and Coaching can result in some or all of these things depending on your intention and commitment to the mentoring and coaching process.


To get the most out of mentoring and coaching the client must be ready, willing, and able to take actions and experiment along the way.

If a client ready, willing and able, Mentoring/Coaching can assist an individual  to discern:  

  • What is going on, and why?
  • Where are you developmentally?
  • What specific help is needed?




The HAGT Approach to Mentoring and Coaching is Unique for two key reasons:

  • A special synergy develops between HAGT coaches and their and clients; thus clients are more likely to do what it takes to reach their goals.
  • The HAGT coaching system is based on a proven, Nobel Prize winning process that creates quick results due to the added structure and empowering conversational approach.

Everyone Needs to Be Coached/Mentored

They may include Administrators, Physicians, Attorneys, Accountants, Brokers, Health professionals in private practice, Entrepreneurs, Small business owners, Professional associations, Sales professionals who want more and who want to put up with less, and ordinary individuals who want to live extraordinary lives.

Let a HAGT Mentor/Coach guide you in creating your Life Vision and Business Success through:

  1. Exploring options      
  2. Finding the right tools      
  3. Resolving personal struggles   
  4. Overcoming unexpected obstacles      
  5. Making discoveries and insights    
  6. Achieving results

“The mentoring and coaching we will do together will bring you the riches of your greatest dreams: Experience the life you’ve always wanted to live. Overcome procrastination. Delete obstacles. Stop flapping your wings and start soaring. Play more. Stop watching life from the sidelines and get in the game. Have more fun at work and enjoy the best things in life.”


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