• How to Achieve Success Now!

Are you having a hard time achieving your goals?

Do you put in endless hours to succeed but always come up short?

Does every plan you make end up being bogged down with difficulty and frustration?

Do your choices in relationships, career, and work-life balance produce unnecessary drama and/or stress?


If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then it may be time for you to discover Harrison’s Life Strategies Playbook & Mentoring Program (The Program). The Program is an integrated course that features a customized playbook to help you navigate any challenging circumstance you may encounter. It organizes essential information in an easy-to-access format and is supported by a comprehensive mentoring program to help you achieve specific outcomes. 


Harrison’s Life Strategies Playbook & Mentoring Program (The Program)

The Program integrates the most important approaches for making efficient, effective, precise, productive, and self-aware choices using mindfulness, meaningfulness, and cutting-edge thought. 


The Program is designed to help you define where you are going and provide support and answers to get there. Just as in a sports coach’s playbook, there are modules designed to address certain specific challenges, including ending procrastination, defining your desired outcomes, learning the essential “life hacks” for creating more abundance, and more.  These modules contain all the pieces and parts that make up a go-to approach for getting things done. The program will help you to become more effective, efficient, and self-aware as you achieve greater success and create a struggle-free life.


 Why is Mentoring Important?

Mentoring offers tremendous value, whether you’re a beginner seeking a path to self-improvement or already a skilled Life Coach.  Mentoring helps individuals looking to get to the next step in life, helping to develop greater and more defined skill sets. Many individuals who have achieved success personally or professionally started out with some form of guide, coach, or mentor. Mentors can be invaluable for helping us find the missing pieces on our journey.

Many of us have a dream or vision that has never been fulfilled and don’t know why.

This dream or vision might be connected to success, spirituality, wealth, relationship, or career…yet somehow our dreams got lost along the way. Harrison’s Life Strategy Playbook & Mentoring Program is designed to get you back on track.  

The Program includes:

A system that will help you to get back in touch with your authentic self and support you in taking the next steps. It offers motivation, inspiration, information, greater effectiveness, freedom, clarity, spiritual focus, better health, validation, networking resources, expert advice, and a pathway to greater wealth.

What makes the program one of the most powerful and effective transformation tools available? In this personalized process, I will…

  • ask you the important questions. 
  • teach you strong critical thinking skills.
  • offer assistance in setting believable and achievable goals.
  • help you to create a regular and consistent system for self-assessment.
  • help you create a process for determining what you really want and need.
  • exploring the boundaries you need to create for getting the desired outcome.
  • help you create a system for building a strong personal foundation.
  • offer you assessment skills for measuring your personal progress.
  • help you structure guidelines for developing an active game plan.
  • help you structure guidelines for all current and long-term goals.
  • support you in defining your values, beliefs, and personal style.
  • empathize with your personal and business conflicts
  • help you to make more money and have it grow.

The Program allows you to move at your own pace, and mentoring is offered for up to a year at no additional cost. In the program, you will receive…

  • eight 45-minute long videos,
  • weekly mentoring via Zoom or phone,
  • 40 personalized e-mail strategies, tips, and techniques.

If you are ready, The Program can assist you to discern… 

  1. where you are on your life journey.
  2. where you want and need to be.
  3. your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. how to access collaborative skills and resources.
  5. a master strategy to get you where you need to go.
  6. the best tactics, life hacks, and tools, and an understanding of how to apply them at the right time.
  7. the best way to develop, conserve, and balance your resources so you maximize them with little effort.

The Program offers personalized guidance from start to finish. I hold your hand step-by-step as I share my invaluable tools with you. Over the course of a year, we will explore personal approaches for isolating specific emotional and personal cultural patterns, constraints, and values that are likely to shape how you make choices and respond to various events and scenarios.

The key to The Program is its ease and simplicity. It takes very little time to learn and apply. Unlike most mentoring programs and personal development courses, it is not focused just on how to get rich quickly, but on all aspects of life.

Have more fun at work and enjoy the best things in life!

Play more. Stop watching life from the sidelines and get in the game.

Isn’t it time you stopped clumsily flapping your wings and started to soar?


Who created Harrison’s Life Strategy Playbook & Mentoring Program?

My name is Lewis Harrison, and I created The Program with a team of world-class gamer psychologists, athletic coaches, peak performance experts, business strategists, and spiritual teachers.

 I have been a best-selling author on self-improvement, a network radio talk show host, and have had an amazing half-century career. I am happily married, with great friends, and a happy and meaningful life with a solid work-life balance. I have been an advisor, consultant, and mentor to politicians, world-class athletes, media personalities, and business leaders. In fact, back in the 1990s, before digital technology took it all to the next level, my clients referred to me as Lewis the Problem Solver.

I created The Program so I could share the secrets that have been shown to me and help others find happiness and achieve success.

Here is a 9-minute interview I did with award-winning journalist Phyllis Haynes about this work and how it can change a person’s life.

Lewis Harrison’s teachings are recommended by some of the most acclaimed thought leaders…

“Lewis is amazing… I recommend him to anyone who wants less stress and more energy.”
        Jack Canfield – Co-author,  “Chicken Soup for the Soul “ books and star of the movie “The Secret”

“Your program was one of the first steps I took in the process of defining my interest in alternative medicine and for that I thank you. It has been over 19 years and I am continually amazed when I look back upon how easily and quickly one step has lead to the next. Thank you for being there to assist in laying the foundations for all my future studies.”
    Robee Fian L.Ac –  Former President American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM)

“Lewis Harrison is a transformational mentor and coach, whose vision and wisdom provide viable roadmaps for his students-this skill is unparalleled anywhere!”
    Valerie Leeds –  Entrepreneur and former Account Executive at AOL (America Online, Inc.)”

“If your serious about getting ahead don’t pass up a golden opportunity to change your life for the better. I’m still learning and making more money.”
    Rudy Curry –  Tai Chi Master

The Next Step.

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