A Zen Story On Systems Thinking?

Tips for bringing order to a chaotic world.


Q. What is Transmodern Zen and what is it’s connection to systems thinking?

A.  Transmodern Zen is an approach to mindfulness that integrates critical thinking with intuition. With this in mind, it is important to remember in these times of apps, bots, social networking and predictive algorithms that the individual who wishes to survive and prosper must strive to understand the importance and application of systematic thinking.

This has not been easy for me or any of my peers in the boomer generation. Please keep in mind that I was born before Rock n’ Roll was invented and the cassette player came into use when I was in high school. Things were mostly analog then. Today they are digital.

As systems became more important in daily life I made it my priority to learn what they were and how to use them for my own benefit,


This is what I learned.

  • Anything in life you can recognize by shape, form, color, texture, or other definable elements has a recognizable pattern.
  • Any group of interacting or interrelated patterns of people, places, and or things that form a unified whole, are called a system.
  • A system will usually be surrounded and influenced by its environment.
  • This environment is usually described by its boundaries, structure, purpose, and in its functioning.
  • In order to make sense of a chaotic environment, it is important to study systems.
  • The academic study of systems in the academic world is known by the name systems theory.

Though it might be assumed that the study of systems is an ancient idea, it is actually a relatively recent development,

According to communications and media pioneer Marshall McLuhan

The word “System” means “something to look at”. You must have a very high visual gradient to have systematization. But in philosophy, prior to Descartes, there was no “system”. Plato had no “system”. Aristotle had no “system”.




In my own research in Applied Game Theory and strategic thinking the understanding of how systems work efficiently, effectively, with precision, and productivity has enabled me to survive and prosper.

In the future, systems thinking, especially when applied to gamer thinking and investing will be more important than ever before. With systems thinking we will more easily be able to define and measure our financial resources, diagnose ailments if any, and prescribe the best strategies and solutions for them.

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