How Playing Games Can Make a Person A Better Decision-Maker


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Winning the Game of Life is all about rules, teams, referees, scoring, collaboration, skill, strategies, tactics, etc.


Before we get started, here is a short introduction (including a video)  to help you understand applied game theory. It is written for a child so anyone can understand it. Click below…



Q. Lewis, I used to make really poor choices as a teenager. Would knowing game theory then have helped me now to reduce risk?

A. One of the very first things we do in life is to take risks while playing games. All animals do this. Playing games give us the basic skill for developing social intelligence.

The baby bear that explores the lion’s den may not make it out alive. For human teens who have some rational adult supervision, extremely reckless behavior can be nipped in the bud before any real damage is done. If a teen is provided with training in gamer-thinking, what was previously considered risky behavior, becomes much less so.


Up until recently, it was unlikely that a tween, young adult, or college student would be aware of the terms game theory, or gamer-thinking even while spending hours a day playing video games. Occasionally college students might encounter a short introduction to classical game theory as part of a business, or economic program. Otherwise, the concept would, sadly, be ignored in most other academic disciplines. This is likely to soon change.

Recently (November 2019), the University of Alaska- Fairbanks announced plans to incorporate competitive video gaming — esports — into student curriculum and activities. Citing student interest, the school intends to offer a business class next fall-related to esports. The critical aspect here is that it is likely that many students in such a program will intuitively understand that the skills gained in their studies here will give them a doorway to greater success in life.



A class already offered by the School of Management helped organize the university’s esports and gaming summit this year. It drew about 300 people and featured esports industry professionals. Of course, all that is being described here points to gamer-thinking as a future trend for creating success in business and in day-to-day life.

As you can see, learning to become a game-based thinker is a progressive process beginning in childhood. We go from the sandbox to learning how to play with dolls like Barbie and Ken, or G.I. Joe. In time skilled game-based thinkers will advance to becoming creative and innovative problem solvers, and skilled competitors through the use of symbols and tools that give us access to new ideas.

It would be a mistake in judgment for any motivated individual to ignore gamer-thinking. Clearly, gamer-thinking is not a trend, it is a new reality. If we ignore it, we are planting the seeds for future situations where we are likely to be without the skills needed to deal with life’s challenges.


Have no doubt, as we go through life we will be forced to deal with irrational rules, incompetent bureaucracies, predators, cheaters, hustlers, and zero-sum players. All this while trying to survive in an increasingly “reckless,” pre-meditated, win at all costs culture. The result of all this is likely to be unnecessary stress, struggle, and toxic, adversarial relations. My desire is to show you, how gamer-thinking, can be the antidote to the challenges of living in a 21st-century, social network-driven, global economy.



The system I have created for accomplishing this type of success, Harrison’s Applied Gamer-thinking (HAGT), if applied effectively, can even function as a type of “Brain Candy,” in that you can pleasurably reframe your life, and get what you need as well. HAGBT will enable you to achieve this in ways EEPPSA in ways you never imagined. The end-game here is to fulfill your potential at the lowest possible cost.

What is the current reality? The person seeking to be more effective, efficient, precise, productive, content, and happy in the 21st century would be wise to understand and embrace, Harrison’s Applied Gamer-thinking.


The Takeaway

Actively playing video and board games will change your life as an adult. Doing so will make you a better game thinker. In this way, you will develop a natural skill in strategizing and improving your decision-making skills.

Author: Lewis Harrison is a business futurist, author, speaker, seminar leader, and Results-Oriented Life Coach. He has a passion for helping individuals, and organizations, solve problems. He has a passion for personal growth, self-improvement, applied game theory, and Transmodern Zen.

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